Full Project Management

For several clients we currently act (and have acted) as a project manager in projects that start with a research idea and end up with a marketable finished device. Playing that role, we coordinate and manage a team of experts and focus on project planning and meeting agreed timelines within the available budget and with the available resources. We motivate the involved people in order to create a communication platform for running a smooth project and keeping the stakeholders up to date. We make sure that the deliverables are properly documented and filed in a pre-defined file structure, which is suitable for regulatory submissions or project divestments.

By creating a clear project structure and acting as a facilitator we are able to perform the management coordination of your entire project and relieve your organization.

Practical examples:

We have acted as project manager for the development of a high risk:

degradable polymer bone implant serving a bone cement stopper
degradable polymer bone void filler
degradable animal derived hemostat
degradable polymer dermal filler